• Pinbrawl
  • Second Wind

    Yikes, it’s been a while! Keeping up with development on Pinbrawl has been tricky, let alone trying to keep this blog updated. Where to start? On December 29th, my wife and I welcomed our son Ezra into the world, and things have not been the same around the Pfitzer household. Needless to say, I did […]

  • Pinbrawl
  • The Journey Begins


    Finally, the dev blog is up and running! Thought I would give a brief introductory rundown of what this game is and what our goals are. Currently Northern Heart studios is a small, Minnesota-based indie development team comprised of myself (art, design, production), James Krantz (development), and Robert Frost III (music, sound). Pinbrawl is a head-to-head, couch […]